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Athletepreneur® is dedicated to featuring and inspiring the student-athletes of today to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We help educate and mentor NCAA® and NAIA student-athletes looking to stake claim to their own name, image, and likeness in an effort to provide financial independence and unlock opportunities beyond their sport.


An Athletes Right of Publicity

Stake Claim to Your Name, Image, and Likeness

There are nearly 480,000 collegiate athletes, and most will go pro in something other than sports. However, with the help of Athletepreneur, every student-athlete can start investing in themselves and their future now by learning new ways to monetize their name, image, and likeness or even building a startup or brand of their own.

With our proprietary NIL Score™, we rank each athlete's unique social influence and marketability to unlock potential earning value combined with insights to grow their audience, engage more fans, and help athletes build their brands.


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