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Athletepreneur® Empowers Athletes

Educating and inspiring athletes to be entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, and gatekeepers to their name, image & likeness.


We’re changing what it means to be an 'Athlete'.

Too many athletes are being lost to a broken spirit and a shattered identity after their playing careers are over. The identity crisis that can occur at the end of formal competitive athletics should be anticipated, planned for, and proactively acted on.


Colleges and universities should not just discard individuals after their playing careers are over. Instead, they need to be providing athletes with the resources needed to help them live up to the mantra of 'more than an athlete'.


Our vision is to inspire a new generation of athletes to become entrepreneurs, social influencers and leaders within their communities. We do this by leveraging support from sports media, brand partnerships, and collaborations with collegiate and professional sports organizations.

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The NIL rules are changing, and we help athletes and sports organizations navigate them responsibly and effectively. 


NIL Compliance and Education

Educate, track, and connect athletes in meaningful ways through our Athlete Influencer Marketplace™ (A.I.M.), a platform that enables athletes to monetize and manage their NIL. 


With our proprietary NIL Score®, we rank each athlete's unique social influence and marketability to unlock potential earning value combined with insights to grow their audience, engage more fans, and help athletes build their brands.

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Financial Literacy & Wellness

According to the NCAA, 60% of college athletes did not receive any financial education in high school or during college orientation. 


Without basic financial literacy, student-athletes, who are managing between different sources of income and how they use it, are at risk of increased stress and anxiety levels.

Our goal is to alleviate the anxiety that surrounds finance and make financial education, resources, and tools accessible to every student-athlete. 

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We understand how to put athletes first because we are former athletes. 

Athletepreneur is managed by a team of former collegiate and pro athletes who have lived by the mantra 'more than an athlete' first hand. Beyond our athletic accolades, the leadership team has gained years of corporate experience off the field at Amazon, Deloitte, the NFL, and Disney. 

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