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Featured Event: Athletepreneur® Experience at OLY House

Join us for the Athletepreneur® Experience, an exclusive event designed to bridge the worlds of sports, business, and innovation. Held during the Paris Olympics, this forum offers athletes, investors, entrepreneurs, and startups a unique platform to connect, collaborate, and create groundbreaking opportunities.


Who should attend:

Speakers and Panelists

We've curated athletes, VC's, and entrepreneurs to be our guest speakers at the event.


  • Welcome, Sponsor Highlights, Drinks, and Networking

  • Learn VC and Business 101: Venture Investing Lingo, Startup & Tech Entrepreneurship best practices​

  • Speed Networking: Two 20-minute sessions speed dating style between athletes, funds, investors, and startups

  • Keynote and success story panel: athlete transitions from sports to entrepreneurship and investing

  • Business Advisor/Engagement opportunities

  • Networking and Happy Hour

Athletepreneur Experience: Paris 2024
Athletepreneur Experience: Paris 2024
Aug 08, 2024, 3:00 PM GMT+2

Become a Sponsor: Elevate Your Brand at the Intersection of Sports and Innovation

The OLY House Athletepreneur Experience is a premier event that brings together the world's top athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors during the globally celebrated Paris Olympics. As a sponsor, your brand will have unparalleled exposure to an elite audience of influencers, industry leaders, and trendsetters. Join us in supporting the next generation of Athletepreneurs and seize the opportunity to align your brand with excellence, innovation, and success.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

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