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Brian Dzingai

Athlete Agent / Finance

Highlights: As a professional athlete for Nike and Mizuno, he consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world in the 200m sprints. At Athletepreneur, Brian represents our Olympic athlete clients and coaches. As an entrepreneur, Brian was recently named a finalist for the Visa Everywhere Initiative: Black Excellence in Fintech.


Brian is a 2-time Olympian born and raised in Zimbabwe and loves to inspire people to reach their fullest potential by tapping into their inner strength. During his eight years as a professional athlete, he was consistently ranked in the top 20 for the 200m dash throughout his career. Standing at 5 ft 6, Brian faced many Goliaths through his journey, which fueled his intrinsic motivation and ultimately led him to become an Olympic finalist. This propelled Brian to mentor and help Zimbabwe athletes obtain athletic scholarships to US universities. Brian has worked for notable companies Deloitte, AllianceBernstein, and Aon. Since his passion for sports will never die, he is leveraging his experience as a professional athlete as a co-founder of Athlete Plus & Athetepreneur. Brian is a unique storyteller full of energy. By sharing life and business experiences, he shares examples of the challenges he overcame and provides actionable takeaways for the audience.

Brian Dzingai
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