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Mike Fingado

NFL Agent

Highlights: He graduated from Florida State University with a Masters in Sport Management. As a former college athlete and current certified NFLPA sports agent, he understands the value of teamwork and negotiation. With a career spanning both big tech and sports industries, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a former tech entrepreneur (ex-Amazon, numerous startups), his journey has instilled in him a robust work ethic and a keen problem-solving mindset that he applies to every endeavor. Additionally, as an investor in startups (Overtime, Betr, Reddit, SpaceX, etc.), with numerous successful exits, it showcases his ability to identify and support emerging businesses.

Story: In terms of his background, he was raised in metro-Detroit by two military veteran parents, and he has traveled to every state (except Alaska). Over the years, he has lived in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, California, and Washington before finally settling into Montana, which is where he proudly calls home (follow him @themontanamike).

"The future me owns a pro sports franchise. I'm putting the work in now to make that a reality by the time I am 50 (currently in 30's)." - Mike Fingado

Mike Fingado
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